Restorative Dentist Paducah | What to Expect: Dentures



Often times as we age, we start losing teeth due to gum disease or tooth decay. Along with many other dental abnormalities, tooth loss causes many of us to feel uncomfortable showing off our pearly whites. Dentures are a solution for those experiencing tooth loss so day-to-day actions can continue such as eating, talking and smiling confidently.
If you or a loved one are considering dentures, there are a few things to think about! Full and partial dentures are replacement teeth that sit on top of gum tissue. Our dentures are designed to look like natural gum tissue and stay in place because our denture bases are custom-fit for your gum tissue and jawbone ridge. Removable partial dentures are also a good option if you would like to stagger the removal procedures.
The Procedure
This procedure can be a process, but don’t let that make you nervous about receiving your new smile! Be ready to discuss the options at your next visit. This is a great time to ask Dr. Mangino and our staff any questions or concerns you have about the procedure including our sedation dentistry. Oftentimes we find that it helps patients relax when they get their questions answered ahead of time. Whether you have decided to get complete or partial removable dentures, we guarantee a relaxed and anxiety-free visit!
What to Expect
There are a few things you can expect after you take the big step to reclaiming your healthy smile. Following your procedure, you are likely to experience a loss of hunger and general soreness of the gums. Your dentures might feel strange at first, but this is normal! Naturally, you will have to practice chewing, swallowing and speaking in the first few weeks following your visit, but you will be back to normal in no time. Try to stick with softer foods at first and let us know if you experience any problems with your fit. Be sure to take your dentures out at night and maintain general oral health. We’ll check in with you to see how you are adjusting to your new dentures!

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