Dr. Michael Mangino | Is Safe Mercury Removal Right For You?

Mercury Removal at Mangino Dental:

The mercury in “silver” amalgam fillings has been a concern for many over the years. The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) recognizes the impact of toxic materials and has developed a process to safely remove all traces of mercury amalgam in the mouth in order to help improve whole body wellness and general health. Dr. Mangino at Mangino Dental has been trained and educated in the selection of more biocompatible dental materials, the effects of mercury amalgam and the proper procedures to safely remove mercury amalgam from old dental work. Dr. Mangino and his staff help patients make informed decisions and offer this solution to ease the worries of their patients by helping establish whole body wellness.

If you are concerned about the mercury amalgam within your old cavity fillings, crowns or bridges then fear no more. Dr. Mangino can safely and effectively remove mercury and restore your mouth’s health. During this process, we keep you comfortable and safe from the toxic by-products generated during the removal process by following the IAOMT protocol. The IAOMT has done extensive research to create a protection protocol to prevent you from ingesting or inhaling any of the mercury or mercury vapors while it is being removed.

If you want to achieve a greater overall health and well-being, mercury removal could be the option for you. The mercury in your dental fillings could be causing you more problems than you realize, not only for your dental health but for your overall health and wellness. After all, your mouth is gateway to the entire body.

If you’re considering mercury amalgam removal, give Mangino Dental a call. We want to help you achieve whole body wellness. Our number is (270) 444-4041.

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